Warranty conditions

The guarantee for a tandoor is 3 years, provided that it is properly used!

1. Statement of warranty 
The company undertakes to provide warranty repair or replacement of ceramic tandoors and their parts, if during the operation there will be any warranty case, except for intentional damage and cases that occurred due to violation of the rules of operation.

1.1.Warranty conditions
1.1. Warranty term is 36 months. Service life is not less than 1000 cycles.
1.2. Warranty case 
1.2.1. Warranty case is the case in which a tandoor cannot perform its basic function, namely, cooking in it becomes impossible! All other cases do not refer to warranty cases!

1.3.Conditions under which the warranty case occurs.
1.3.1. Damage to ceramics, incompatible with the full functioning of the tandoor. 
1.3.2. Damage to the metal fringing, in which it is impossible to fully retain ceramic tandoor parts, as a result of which it is impossible to use it.

1.4. Warranty replacement options.
1.4.1. Replacement of one tandoor with another one. (At the expense of the seller, the tandoor is replaced by the guarantee case, all costs associated with transporting the tandoor are borne by the seller). 
1.5. Product repair 
1.5.1.In case of occurrence of a warranty case, the tandoor is repaired at the expense of the buyer's funds. The tandoor should be shipped to the seller in the service center, where the complete repair of the product will be performed.

1.6. Refunds
1.6.1.The return of the full value of the tandoor occurs without incurring additional costs associated with transportation, transshipment and packaging. The tandoor for return must be delivered to the seller and with the forces of the buyer and at his expense, after which the tandoor is given to the service center to find out the cause of the damage.

1.7. Non-warranty cases
1.7.1.A list of non-warranty cases:
-chips of ceramics and other mechanical damages during operation.
-natural wear and tear or depletion of the resource.
-rust on the metal edging and other metal parts.
-change of the shades and colors of the tandoor walls.
-accidental damage caused by the customer or damage caused by negligent attitude or use (impact of mechanical shock, improper transportation, careless connection of ceramic tandoor elements, moisture penetration in thermo seams in winter).
-damage due to natural disasters (natural phenomena).

1.8. What is necessary to contact the warranty center:
- the fully equipped product.
- warranty card (passport).
- document confirming payment.

1.9. In what cases is not the guarantee provided?
1.9.1.The service center may refuse warranty repair if:
There are mechanical or any other damages that occurred as a result of intentional or reckless actions of the buyer or third parties. 

The rules of use, which are set out in the operational documentation, are violated.