Tandoor STONE DARK BROWN - 60 liters / 8376

Product ID: TA-363

Total height
Height without cover
Wall thickness
Number of skewers
Throat Diameter
We are exclusive representatives of Tandoor "STONE" in the Baltic states!
Tandoor "Stone" is made of chamotte clay and complies with all factory production standards. The full cycle of production of one tandoor is 3 weeks. The model is made in several shades. 4 mm thick metal will not allow the tandoor to break down after many years. The metal is covered in a heat-resistant paint. The approximate volume of tandoor is 60 liters. Maximum number of skewers per cooking 12 pcs.

Set includes:
* Tandoor - oven -1pcs,
* Scraper -1pcs,
* Scoop-1pc,
* Crossbar -1pcs,
* Grid-1pc,
* Skewers - 8pcs
+ Decorative ceramic tiles - stand
Product characteristics:
Volume: 60 liters
Weight: 100 kg
Height with cover 98 cm
Height without cover 75 cm
Depth 50 cm
Width 48 cm
Throat 30 cm
Wall thickness 6 cm
Thickness of metal is 4 mm (painted in heat-resistant paint)
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