Tandoor rental terms!

Want to buy ceramic oven – tandoor, but not sure that this oven is suitable for you? Tandirs.lv offers unique option – the rent of Tandoor! We suggest to use this option to ascertain that cooking in tandoor is very easy, quickly and tasty! 

  • Types of tandoors available for rent : Ķieģelis and Attika;

  • Tandoor rent fee – 10€ per day + deposit (100% from the value of rented objects EUR);

  • Term of rent – min 2 days;

  • Delivery in Riga 15€ one direction (delivery of rented tandoor in both directions is paid by the client);

Delivery by the client himself – free of charge;

  • Loading / unloading of tandoor – free of charge.

If after the tests of tandoor You decide to buy it, the paid rent fee shall be deducted from the total value of tandoor.

Upon buying the tandoor, delivery in Riga is free of charge

Delivery outside Riga – up to 30€

* If, due to the fault of lessee, the rent object(-s) cannot be used for the prevised goal anymore, has been damaged, dismounted or lost external look, lessee shall completely or partially compensate losses caused to lessor according to rent object(-s) prices specified in lessor’s invoice.