How is a tandoor used?
The technology of its use is very simple:
1.Remove the big tandoor lid and put the fire wood into the furnace at approximately 1/3 or 2/3 of its volume depending on the model and the size of the company for which you are going to cook. For ignition of a tandoor it is possible to use not only firewood, wood briquettes or charcoal, but also dry branches and small brushwood.
2.Open the ash-pit (the hole in the bottom of the furnace) to create the required draft.
3.Kindle the tandoor with the help of small chips and paper or a barbecue lighter fluid. 
4.As the fuel burns, the tandoor walls in the beginning will be black from the soot, and then will become white, i. e. the walls will self-clean. The temperature of the furnace heating can be identified by the color of the walls. On average heating of the tandoor with a volume of about 0.1-0.3 m3 takes slightly more than 30 minutes.
5.After burning the firewood, you can start cooking. Fill the tandoor with food and cover the oven tightly (so that the heat does not go away) and close the ash-pit (so that the small coals remaining at the bottom of the tandoor stop burning).
6.Cooking shish kebab in tandoor takes up about 10-15 minutes.
However, it should be noted that cooking different products in tandoor takes different amount of time! Please follow the instructions in recipes.
By already the second - third use, you will have become a professional in the field of cooking in tandoor, since the cooking process is extremely simple.
7.If you enjoy the smell of smoked meat, but take care of your health, tandoor will be able to help you also with this. 5 minutes before the product is ready just pat on the charcoal pre-soaked chips for the smokehouse. Smoke, affecting the products, will give them a unique flavor and taste, a rich golden color and will increase the shelf life of products several times.
8.When the dish is ready, take it out of the tandoor and make another insertion in case of necessity!

Precautionary measures:
-It is necessary to choose the place for a tandoor (a link to the question how the place should be chosen).
-When choosing the place for a tandoor it is necessary to take into account that the height of the flame in windy weather can reach 1 meter. 
-When igniting a tandoor for the first time the temperature should be raised gradually to avoid large cracks. 
-Do not allow impingement of a lot of water or snow to hit the red-hot tandoor. 
-Keep the tandoor under a weather shelter, or in a special slipcover.
-During cooking, it is advisable to use cooking gauntlets made from natural fibers since the metal parts can be very hot.
-Do not leave children unattended near the tandoor.
-At a negative temperature a tandoor should be heated gradually.

Advantages of a tandoor:
• Easy cooking as it requires minimum of your time and participation;
• Products in a tandoor are cooked uniformly, without the need to rotate the skewers and follow the fire. 
• The prepared food is obtained as juicy and soft thanks to the uniform heating of products, without excessive loss of moisture;
• Foods cooked in a tandoor retain vitamins and microelements, moreover, food remains healthy, NOT saturated with carcinogens;
• Tandoori meat is not a fried, but baked product. This is exactly what dieticians recommend;
•  Additional oils or fats are not used when cooking;
• Tandoor can be used all year round, at any weather and at even negative temperature, at rainy or snowy weather. 
• Large internal volume allows you to cook quickly and for a large number of people, with minimum efforts put and time spent (you are unlikely to cook shish kebab on the barbecue for a big company without constant personal presence and control, spending less than 55 minutes).