What is Tandoor?

This exotic and unknown to lots of people word actually means something between the traditional stove, barbecue, grill and smokehouse.

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How to choose a tandoor?

To begin with, you need to decide on the main question - will the tandoor be used permanently or do you plan to transport it from place to place. From portable models we recommend tandoors "Venice", "Nomad" or more universal models "Stone" and "Brick".

If you plan to invite large companies of friends and prepare many dishes at once, we recommend models with a volume from 65 liters. Here the principle is simple - the larger the size, the more meat can be cooked, therefore, you will be able to feed more guests  

How to kindle a tandoor correctly? How long does it take a tandoor to reach the desired temperature?

On our website you will find the detailed instructions on how to use the tandoor, please also carefully study the precautionary measures. (a link to the instructions)

The main goal: warm up the walls of the tandoor to the desired temperature (this will take most of the time) and the hot walls of the tandoor will allow you to prepare delicious dishes for your table (this procedure will take you the least time, especially considering that you "are not standing at the stove").

How to kindle a tandoor in the winter?

On our website you will find the detailed instructions on how to use the tandoor, please also carefully study the precautionary measures. (a link to the instructions)

In a cold season, the warm-up of a tandoor should be done slowly and gradually. While cooking the coals must be left at the bottom of the tandoor - this will help it keep the heat.
After cooking, do not extinguish the tandoor forcibly. Let it cool down on its own!

Is it necessary to install the top big lid when igniting?

Yes, the top big lid must be installed after you have kindled the tandoor. The small lid (hood) is better to be removed. When you begin cooking food, the tandoor should be covered with a small lid (hood), so that the heat does not go out, because it is very necessary for cooking delicious food.

What should you do if cracks appeared?

Do not worry, the appearance of cracks is normal. Tandoor of any quality and by any manufacturer is covered by cracks when ignited. This process is inevitable, you should not be afraid of it. The metal frame will prevent your tandoor from decaying into parts, as well as from large through cracks. Cracks can be from 1 to 3 mm. To put it simply, these are thermal seams that ensure the work of the ceramic material of the tandoor walls. When heated, the cracks will be greater, when cooled, they are almost invisible.

How to choose the right place for a tandoor on your site?

If you decided to purchase a tandoor, then you will face the question - where to place the tandoor? When planning, we recommend you to pay attention to the convenience and safety of this oven use. It will be convenient if the tandoor is located near the place where you plan to rest and arrange feasts.

The food served on the table red hot off the skillet will not leave anyone indifferent.
However, we must not forget that the tandoor, if possible, should be accessible from all sides. That is, it is necessary to provide an at least 1 m wide passage.

Safety cannot be neglected either. 
The walls of the furnace become very hot during the use, and the products of combustion and heat emanate from the furnace mouth. Therefore, a tandoor should be placed away from inflammable objects, buildings, trees, etc.

How and where should a tandoor be kept?

A tandoor is best kept under a weather shelter or indoors. If you have to keep a tandoor outside, then it is better to cover it with a slip-cover or a special cover from the rain. If the tandoor is wet, then it is necessary to dry it naturally, it is not recommended to kindle it wet and to dry it artificially - this can lead to an increase in cracks, and, as a consequence, to faster cooling of the tandoor.

What kind of firewood should be better used?
Can charcoal or wood briquettes be used?

You can use any hardwood firewood. Fruit firewood, as well as in the grill, of course, will definitely give a pleasant aroma to the dishes. You can add charcoal, but the use of coal for ignition is not practical since it is necessary to heat the walls of the tandoor, but the coal will quickly burn out, and the walls of the tandoor will not have time to warm up and get heated to the desired temperature.

Can tortillas be baked in tandoors?

We understand that everyone associates a tandoor with samosa and tortillas. In our tandoors you can both cook meat and vegetables and bake tortillas and samosa on their walls. 

Is it possible to use a tandoor in the frost?

Tandoors can and should be used in severe frosts so as not to rotate the skewers in the cold. However, a tandoor should be heated gradually. In winter a tandoor is heated for an hour - hour and a half (depending on the model) and cooking takes from 10 to 20 minutes. It is not recommended to use tandoor in the heavy snowfall.